LST Promotes Sergio Fernandes to Chief Financial Officer

After 20 years, Derek Bigelow steps down as Chief Financial Officer. While he is transitioning out of this role, Bigelow is not retiring. “As a founder and senior partner of LST, I will remain engaged in all aspects of running the company. But I am happy to turn over the title and duties of CFO to Sergio Fernandes, effective immediately,” says Bigelow.

Fernandes has served as Deputy CFO for the past four years. Before becoming Deputy, Fernandes was a Program Manager overseeing contract work in the Business and Financial Analysis area giving him a deep understanding of our business’s operational aspects.

Sergio will report to the Chief Executive Officer, Allison Poltorak. “I am delighted that Sergio Fernandes is joining our executive team as CFO. He brings a wealth of experience in both operations and financial management, and as Deputy CFO, he has driven significant financial success for our company. I look forward to continuing to work with Sergio in his new role to achieve our strategic growth objectives.” Allison Poltorak, LST CEO, said.

There will continue to be a tight coupling across our entire corporate executive management team to ensure financial and legal compliance, strategic goal setting, and financial oversight.

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