Program Engagement Services

We partner with the government to modernize critical infrastructure through strategic planning, program management, and innovative technology solutions.

LST helps our customers achieve successful outcomes by aligning their business goals and activities with agency goals. We conduct structured analyses to understand challenges, develop recommendations for improving systems, and provide solutions. Our experts investigate and analyze technologies that modernize the NAS and convert analog communication to digital information. We define the methods and processes for automated systems to communicate with people who use them on a daily basis.


As agencies continue to evolve their goals, priorities, and initiatives, programs must flex to stay in alignment and support the execution. Through intentional program-level strategic planning, programs synchronize their business goals and activities to those of the agency. LST helps organizations define those goals and associated time-phased action plans to achieve successful outcomes. We coordinate with adjacent organizations to ensure necessary integration is realized. For those programs that may require acquisition of materials or services, LST leverages its in depth understanding of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Acquisition Management System (AMS) to develop acquisition strategies. We assist throughout the full lifecycle from concept definition to contract program management support and oversight.


Program management organizations align their business objectives with supporting processes and practices to achieve specific outcomes. Using best practices based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) principles, LST supports the planning and execution of business activities, performs synchronization and integration across multiple projects and initiatives, and guides project teams in effectively and efficiently meeting the organization’s objectives. We provide financial management services to support an organization’s budget formulation, planning, and execution as well as Earned Value Management (EVM), creating a linkage between business objectives and funding requests and expenditures.


System or information technology solutions are often required to support an agency goal or initiative. These solutions often streamline mission or business processes, increase accuracy of data, and support analysis or metrics for continued improvement. Given the organization’s objectives and strategic plan, LST conducts structured analysis of the users, stakeholders, activities, processes, data, and current system environment to understand challenges and develop recommendations for improvements. We use various architecture frameworks to document our findings and support additional analysis. This analytical process becomes the basis for our requirements elicitation and solution design activities.


Fueled by our passion for serving our customers, we utilize our depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise across NAS domains to support FAA Test and Evaluation (T&E) services for legacy NAS, NextGen NAS, and NAS Mission Support systems and programs. Our subject matter experts and management teams work closely with program offices, operational users, and in-service organizations to plan and conduct effective and efficient test activities. We apply disciplined Verification and Validation (V&V) principles to ensure program requirements and operational needs are adequately tested and satisfied.

LST professionals are intimately familiar with FAA T&E methods and processes. We perform the following activities to support our customers: Test Plans and Procedures, Requirements Traceability, Developmental Test, Operational Test, Site Installation and Acceptance, Test Reporting and Recommendations.


Well thought-out strategic and tactical plans, along with strict adherence to installation and implementation standards, are required during the deployment of system and infrastructure modernization efforts. This process ensures reliability and long-term sustainability for the safety and efficiency of critical services and routine systems and services, especially when funding for modernization efforts lags behind the need for upgrades. At LST, we utilize a full-scale approach, employing experts in implementation planning, installation, deployment, and cutover and turn-up. Most enterprises can’t simply walk away from their existing information technology products or services. Our support portfolio spans from well-established investments, the so-called “legacy” or “critical” systems, to the development and implementation of the off- and on-premise Cloud environments—allowing our customers to take full advantage of advanced data analytics, cost efficiencies, security improvements, and more.

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