Employee Profile | Rosalind Ekemam, ISSO Contractor Lead

How long have you been at LST?
I have been with LST since 2018. My work has primarily been in the same area since I began with LST, but the responsibilities have grown, which has been really lovely. And I’ve had the opportunity to grow into a task lead role within the team.

Can you tell me about what you do?
My team works with the program offices to ensure that security is considered and implemented in the information systems’ full lifecycle; from requirements development through system decommission. As the central POC, the ISSO team facilitates dialogue and action on all ATO Cybersecurity Group (ACG) security initiatives. We are accountable for the execution of the authorization activities. The breadth of our work allows us to convey any risk to operations, providing all necessary information needed for decisions pertaining to a system’s approval to operate. So we literally are the frontline team that engages with program offices and all things security-related on their information system.

What’s the most meaningful part of your work?
It’s a unique and great opportunity to serve in such a central capacity that is engaged on all levels. We have visibility into the different lifecycle phases, and access to the teams involved.  This provides an opportunity to add value to the process and it positions us to ensure that Information system owners have a comprehensive understanding of any vulnerabilities associated with their system. I think that’s meaningful.

Is this where you imagined your career would go?
No, I graduated with a bachelor’s in Business and a Master’s in Human Resources. Although I went on to pursue and receive an MS in Cyber Security, I initially didn’t plan to be in this field of work. I absolutely feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I see the value of my work every day.  It empowers me to look for more ways that we can be more efficient and effective in the work that we do.  As security and risk management is ever-evolving, there is always more to be done and I do see myself absolutely doing more in this field in the future.

As a member of the flying public, I am a beneficiary of the work I perform as an ISSO.  It adds a layer to my investment in this work and the cybersecurity initiatives we facilitate to help the FAA meet its mission.

What career lessons or anecdotes would you like to share?
Anticipate challenges. It’s a part of life and presents itself in varying ways. Prepare as well as you can and use those challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow. And as you learn and grow from it, it prepares you for the next phase or opportunity that will come.

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