Program Analyst, Angela Moore receives Engineer of the Year Award

LST Program Manager Angela Moore was recently awarded the Engineer of the Year, Outstanding Technical Leadership by the Southern New Jersey Professional Societies.

Angela Moore, Program Analyst

"Angela demonstrates expertise and pride in her work to further the mission of the V&V Branch. She assists the branch in achieving quality objectives, making process improvements, developing strategic plans, and implementing changes to T&E services and V&V disciplines that will help to evolve and modernize the NAS. In particular, she has successfully applied her risk management knowledge and understanding of the branch's mission to help deliver presentations to executive leadership." - Laura Adams, Vice President of Enterprise Services.

The Southern New Jersey Professional Societies awards are open to individuals making significant contributions to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in southern New Jersey. The surrounding area, the technical communities at the William J. Hughes Technical Center, and the Transportation Security Laboratory. Peers or managers recommend nominees for the top technical awards. The awards categories are:

  • Outstanding Engineer/Scientist (one award)
  • Outstanding Aviation Research
  • Outstanding Technical Leadership
  • Outstanding Contributions to Testing or ATC (one award)
  • Outstanding Young Professional

Among the many reasons for Angela’s nomination, some highlights include the development and fielding of FAA systems, working diligently to revise two special test reporting tools, referred to as the Interim Assessment Report template and the Quicklook Report template, and playing a critical role in planning for and conducting the 17th Annual V&V Summit where she was a presenter.  

“Angela is a pillar of the team and is often the default response when someone is looking for insight or guidance.” – Laura Adams.

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