Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

On behalf of the DE&I Partnerships and Community Subcommittee LST joined our community partner Bunker Hill Elementary School for a heartfelt Wellness Walk, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. The importance of Breast Cancer education and awareness cannot be overstated. Thank you to our employees for joining in person and across the country to spread awareness by walking and wearing pink. Employees are encouraged to use their volunteer time to participate!

In 2007, my grandmother received a Breast Cancer diagnosis, a time filled with fear and uncertainty. I had just graduated high school and was a teen mom, and I desperately needed her by my side. Her journey through chemotherapy and surgery was incredibly challenging, yet she never once complained. Her strength and resilience were my guiding light. Even in the midst of her pain, she could still muster up enough strength to “see me”. A lot of people, frequently ask me how I can still smile during busy and stressful times, saying that I am “living my best life”. It is because I am reminded of how my grandmother would be right after each treatment, she would smile, even when she could not speak, and would always muster up enough strength to whisper with enough sass and fight, “I am still living”. All thanks to early detection through regular check-ups and screenings, she emerged victorious. Today, at 73 years old, she is healthy, vibrant, and cancer-free. While not everyone may have a similar outcome, Your support can inspire and motivate friends, family, or even yourself to prioritize regular screenings. Breast Cancer affects 1 in 8 women and 1 in 1,000 men. We all have a role to play, and I extend my hand to you, inviting you to be a part of this vital journey.
Rochelle Thompson
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