Wear Blue: Run to Remember Pistewa Challenge

This March, in honor of Women’s History Month, we are excited to lead a team for the wear blue: run to remember Piestewa Challenge that recognizes the commitment and sacrifice of our nation’s more than 400,000 currently serving female Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marines, and Guardians. Wear blue: run to remember serves as a symbol of respect for those who serve a purpose greater than themselves and the generations who paved the way before them.

The Piestewa Challenge

Annually on March 23rd at Piestewa Peak in Phoenix, AZ, there’s a remembrance ceremony for SPC Lori Piestewa and all women who died in service. SPC Lori Piestewa’s story is one of courage and dedication. In 2003, during the early days of the Iraq War, she was part of a convoy ambushed near Nasiriyah. SPC Piestewa, along with her fellow soldiers, faced harsh conditions and enemy fire. Her courage in the face of danger and commitment to her duty stood as a testament to the strength of women in the military. Tragically, SPC Lori Piestewa became the first Native American woman service member to be killed in combat on foreign soil. Her sacrifice and the challenges she faced resonate deeply, making her a symbol of bravery, not only within her Hopi community but across all communities. 

In the Piestewa Challenge, we honor her, and all fallen women, recognizing their sacrifices, especially from Indigenous and underrepresented communities. This collective effort reflects our appreciation for the diverse contributions of women in the military and stands as a united demonstration of respect for their service. Join us to pay tribute to these courageous women and show that we value and honor all who serve.

Join the Team or Create Your Own!
As a supporter of wear blue: run to remember, we invite you not only to join the team of 8 (until full) but also, for others to consider creating your own team of 8. If you’re and LST employees and interested in leading your own group, reach out to David Wallace, for details to get you started on this impactful experience.

About wear blue: run to remember: 
Wear blue: run to remember is an organization dedicated to supporting the families of fallen service members and honoring all individuals who have worn a uniform, regardless of how they lost their lives. Each step taken in their events symbolizes a commitment to remembering and celebrating the sacrifice of those who serve.

More Than Virtual:
Beyond the virtual realm, on March 23, 2024, wear blue communities nationwide will come together for an in-person launch and Circle of Remembrance.

Not a Runner? No Problem!
If running isn’t your forte, don’t worry! I can provide details to help you convert biking, yoga, rowing, swimming, and other activities into miles for your team with the application that will be used: Racery.

Let’s take every step together to honor the women who made the ultimate sacrifice, celebrate those willing to do so, and support the incredible mission of wear blue: run to remember. Join me in this impactful journey!

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