Effective Leadership through the Practice of Empathy

At LST, effective leadership isn’t just about strategy and metrics; it’s about creating a positive and productive work culture where individuals thrive and achieve collective success. That’s why eight Senior Leadership team members invested their time to engage and participate in a 3-day Arbinger Leadership training in May. The training delved into the value and results unlocked by operating from an outward mindset, which emphasizes understanding other people’s needs, objectives, and challenges. It also offered a unique opportunity for personal growth, with a focus on empathy, accountability, and genuine relationships. Our Senior Leaders practiced using Arbinger’s tools to apply outward mindset principles to further cultivate LST’s culture of collaboration, transparency, and innovation.

As Senior Leadership, it’s essential to focus on our business operations and growth, but it’s also vital to continue our personal and professional development. Our team benefited from not just the content but also the much-needed pause from the daily hustle. It provided us with a reflective space to step back, gain fresh perspectives, reenergize, and connect with one another. We are committed to our own growth journey and encourage you to do the same—check out the LS University Dashboard for more information on the options available!

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