What We Do

LST brings together the industry’s most innovative minds to create, manage, and deploy strategy and technology that keeps our National Airspace System (NAS) safe. We pride ourselves on our commitment to creating a trusted partnership with our customers to achieve their mission.

Our core portfolios span our customer’s technical and service needs, with our employees bring depth and breadth of experience from both government and industry to support program needs. We leverage this expertise with proven management processes and quality control methods to provide practical solutions to promote our clients’ evolving needs.


With a deep understanding of the NAS Enterprise Architecture and the requirements for modernization, we develop the policies, processes, and implementation of technologies needed to stay up to speed. Our engineering systems and cloud-based systems application experts use Agile and DevSecOps development methodologies to modernize and ensure a secure network infrastructure to promote the FAA’s transformation goals.

  • Cloud Engineering & Integration
  • System Engineering & Enterprise Architecture
  • Agile & DevSecOps System Development
  • Information Management


As a critical partner to the FAA in developing advanced NAS concepts, we bring a depth of technical and operational experience that supports the full program life cycle requirements, from concept development to system acceptance. Our resiliency assessment and design of automation, information management, and communication systems skills bring these concepts to reality. Following deployment, we provide ongoing support to ensure continuous, effective, and safe operations.

  • Advanced NAS Concepts & Operational Context
  • Air Traffic Management (ATM)
  • NAS Automation Systems & Data Engineering
  • Critical Infrastructure & Communications Services
  • System Resiliency Assessment & Design


Technology is changing more rapidly today than at any time in aviation history. By providing the concept development, operations, and systems expertise driving the evaluation of new technology in the NAS, we ensure a smooth introduction of emergent airspace users into NAS operations.

  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Data Science Tools
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Integrating New Airspace Users


For more than a decade, we have provided security architecture, performed risk analysis, and offered monitoring and other enterprise security solutions to the FAA. Our solutions and services protect the NAS critical infrastructure by ensuring industry standards, policies, and technical solutions to address the cyber risks and operational impacts to NextGen ATM systems.

  • Standards, Policies & Governance
  • Security Architecture & Enterprise Solutions
  • Risk Assessment & Operational Impact Analysis


Enabled by an in-depth understanding of the mission-critical systems driving the NAS, our team provides the full range of program support from deployment to operations. We have the skills to keep strategic initiatives on track with extensive knowledge of the FAA’s interdependencies and how to be at the forefront of technology and mission delivery.

  • Acquisition & Program Strategy
  • Program Management & Business Office
  • System Engineering & Architecture
  • Test & Evaluation: Mission Critical Verified
  • Digitalization


We are successful in accomplishing our mission due to our deep level of technical expertise in Air Traffic Control infrastructure, the integrity of our staff, our commitment to a solid work ethic, and our passion for serving the public sector. 
I am fully invested in my work because I have a fantastic team to work with. After joining, I was graciously taken back by the willingness to improve and evolve compared to other companies that weren't as open and transparent, and there's an energy around empowering employees that resonates with me. The company's desire to have both positive and challenging conversations is refreshing and shows forward-thinking, and it makes me feel supported and heard as an employee.
Candice Whisenant
Program Manager


L.S. Technologies recognize that our employees are the company’s most valuable asset. We are committed to recruiting, retaining, and developing the most qualified workforce.

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