The Transformative Impact of Advanced Air Mobility on Everyday Life

Our experts explore the transformative potential of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in shaping everyday life. They delve into how AAM technologies, promise to revolutionize urban mobility by alleviating congestion and connecting remote areas. Not just that, we’ve seen a ton of federal investment – everything from R&D and prototyping of the vehicles themselves to airspace planning and strategy (as we saw in the 2022 AAM Coordination and Leadership Act). In our discussion, we highlight AAM’s pivotal role in emergency response and medical transport scenarios, its ability to foster community development, and its impact on delivery services and environmental sustainability. Ultimately, our conversation will help paint a picture of a future where AAM emerges as a catalyst for positive change, promising enhanced connectivity, improved quality of life, and a sustainable urban future.

“LST’s support to the FAA is informed by insight gained from 20 years of real-world experience and operational support of aviation and air traffic control, combined with early insight into emerging technologies through our support to the FAA NextGen organization. We look forward to this exciting opportunity to apply our insight in support of the FAA’s PMO,” Allison Poltorak, LST CEO, said.

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