Our Approach

At LST, we do not think of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), and Career Opportunities as something separate from the company’s mission & values. It is essential for us to recognize that DE&I is our business strategy, it is our client relationships, and most importantly it is our team members and their families. The people at LST are what drives our success.

Our Vision

  • LST creates a safe, inclusive environment conducive to open communication that respects, empowers, and embraces all employees to be more innovative, productive, and successful.
  • At LST, we strive to maximize the contributions of every person because the solution for our customers come when diverse perspectives are represented.
  • We are committed to putting resources and attention toward improving the engagement, growth, and promotion of the diverse talent and the community that we serve.

Our Framework


Demonstrate commitment to DE&I through words and actions

Learn, evolve, and make an impact through small wins as we continue to advance larger structural strategies and solutions

Expand our work and deepen our commitment to cultural responsiveness

Equip all employees with the tools, processes, and skills to live by our DE&I values and enhance a culture where everyone is respected, valued, and able to participate

Commit resources to see our DE&I vision to fruition


Recognize all facets of diversity - gender, race, ethnicity, age, ability, veteran status, sexual orientation, caretaker status, religion, and more 

Measure what matters by gathering data to get a clear picture of whom we hire, retain, and promote

Beyond numbers, listen to, learn from, and understand the lived experiences of our workforce 

Promote transparency and accountability by allowing employees to see our progress as we aspire to improve equitable, proportional representation


Set tangible, impactful, and achievable DE&I goals that go beyond surface-level interventions and address the root causes of inequalities

Ensure everyone has an equal chance at success and advancement through fair and equitable development, reviews, and compensation

Conduct outreach to break down barriers and motivate people to make real change in our workplaces and our communities

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